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Clear, Calm & Positive Minds for Emergency workers, NHS staff & Military personnel

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Positive Shift Solutions


Positive Shift Solutions aims to speed up the mental recovery of Emergency workers, NHS staff & Military personnel who have been physically injured or who are mentally affected by trauma whilst on duty. And allow them to have a clear, calm & positive mind so their lives are improved.



Are you feeling mentally shattered and still expected to keep going on?


Is one day and one shift blurring into another?


Do you need help overcoming traumatic problems / experiences?


Are you feeling low, frustrated, angry, stuck, anxious or depressed?


Are memories of past incidents playing over and over when you don’t want them to?


Would you like to experience some fast and effective remedies that can remove the emotional trauma and make it a distant thing of your past?

PFOA approved Coach

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How does it work?


The Havening Techniques are powerful tools that can be used to treat the consequences of encoded traumatic or stressful memories. Depending on the nature of the encoded trauma it can be done with guidance by a certified Havening Techniques practitioner or by oneself. Please do not use the Havening Technique with yourself for a serious trauma or if you suffer from any psychological disorders. We advise that you seek the help of a professional mental health care provider who is certified in the Havening Technique if you have experienced severe trauma or suffer from a psychological disorder.

“Havening, also known as Amygdala Depotentiation Therapy (ADT) is going to change the face of therapy across the world.

What used to take months to cure can now be done in minutes in most cases: PTSD, trauma, pain, depression and many more disorders.


The initial study recently completed by King’s College London shows the remarkable effectiveness of this extraordinary set of processes.


This is not to be confused with other psycho-sensory techniques, TFT, EMDR, etc. Whilst they are very good, Havening is light years ahead.


If you want to be an excellent therapist, you can’t afford not to learn this breakthrough approach.”

Paul McKenna

General Public


So. . .you’re not a member of the Emergency Services, NHS or the Military. That’s totally ok as I can still help. You’ll be pleased to hear that, as with all my therapy work, I do not believe in spending time regurgitating the past. This means minimum talk and maximum therapy so that you get the absolute most out of your time with me, which means the best possible results for you.






I’ll help you create Positive future habits, Positive thoughts and a Positive future you.







Let me help you Shift your attitude, Shift your Focus and Shift your Mindset.







Hypnotherapy, Kinetic Shift Technique & NLP are all Positive Solutions that I will use to help you move forward.


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